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Welcome attorneys! This page is designed to give you the information and resources you need to make informed decisions about your clients medical needs.

Information requests: Currently the best solution is to email info@ahimsamedicine.com with any requests or fax requests to 480-461-0970. We will promptly return requests for information.


Commonly asked questions from Attorneys:

Q. Do you take on patients under medical liens?

A. Yes

Q. Can you provide patients with the full scope of pratice needed to facilitate their rehabilitation from accidents or injuries in one location?

A. Yes, this is one of the things that sets Ahimsa Medical Center apart from the myriad of chiropractic options for personal injury patients, as an integrative health setting we can provide all of the necessary services and do so under the medical lien, we have access to lien-billed medications, imaging and surgery as needed.

Q. How will you keep the law offices up-to-date on the status of their clients at your clinic?

A. We will call your office on a regular basis as well as fax pertinent information to your office as soon as it becomes available.

Q. Do you accept "billing reductions"?

A. In cases where the settlement dictates the necessity for these reductions as a percentage of net billing, yes.


Attorney Document center (click on form name, underlined):

Referral Form, preformatted for Ahimsa Medical (.doc)

Referral Form, preformatted for Ahimsa Medical (.pdf)

Use this form to submit a client referral to our clinic via fax or email. Advice: Print out a bunch to keep at your office!





Pain Management
Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy), Chiropractic Care, Natural Remedies, E-stim, Platelet Rich Plasma and more.

Aesthetic Medicine
Dermapen (Micro Needling), Body Sculpting, PRP Facial, PRP, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging and more.

Primary Care Providers, Hormone Balancing, Immunology, Fatigue, Chronic Diseases and more.





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